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Photographs from the documentary:
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Grover Marks drives his Cadillac towards Spokane, Washington.

Jimmy Marks celebrates a victory in Federal courts.
(Photograph by Sandra Bancroft-Billings, for the Spokesman Review.)

Lippie Marks in her living room, Spokane, Wa.

Romani travellers in North America, circa 1940
(Photograph by Carlos De Wendler-Funaro. Property of Smithsonian Institution Archives)

Jimmy and Jane Marks outside their home in Spokane, Wa, circa 1977

Jimmy and Jane Marks at home in Spokane, WA.

Jane Marks with her son, Tommy, at Expo '74.

Romani Musicians visit Jimmy and Jane Marks in Spokane, 1974.

Jasmine Dellal - Director/Producer/Editor.(Color)
Photo: Pamela Hanson

Jasmine Dellal - Director/Producer/Editor. (Black & White)
Photo: Pamela Hanson





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